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Criminal Record Monitoring

Why Order Criminal Record Monitoring?

Screening shouldn’t stop when the applicant is hired. HireRight’s Criminal Record Monitoring product helps you validate that those who satisfied your employment eligibility criteria at the time of hire, still do. HireRight will report verified criminal records, sex offender registries, and certain prohibited parties, sanctions and exclusions records from the previous month for workers you choose to monitor, giving you information that could help you assess criminal activity that does not align with your organization’s policies or practices. 

The HireRight Solution provides:  

  • Ongoing monthly monitoring of criminal records, sex offender, sanctions or exclusion hits 
  • Option for Criminal Record Monitoring Baseline report when you begin monitoring 
  • Proprietary multi-jurisdictional database of 1,200+ sources 
  • Verifies criminal activity at primary source, in the event new criminal activity is detected  

HireRight’s ongoing Criminal Record Monitoring solution screens your roster of monitored workers every month against our proprietary multi-jurisdictional criminal database, searching over 600 million records from 1,200+ sources. In the event new activity is detected by data sources in the past month, HireRight validates the activity by checking primary sources and provides you any verified criminal charges, sex offender registry, certain prohibited party, sanctions and exclusions activity. We recommend ordering a Criminal Record Monitoring Baseline to ensure you have a clear, verified view into past records. Every month thereafter, we will report activity not previously reported. 

HireRight Criminal Record Monitoring Benefits

For companies and organizations, especially those in regulated industries or serving vulnerable populations or customer facing roles. HireRight Criminal Record Monitory offers these key benefits: 

  • Monthly Search Service: Monitoring encompass any criminal records, sex offender registrations, and certain prohibited parties records, sanctions and exclusions records added to the database within the previous month.  
  • Criminal Records validated at Primary Source: Before reporting, criminal records are validated at primary source 
  • Ongoing Risk Mitigation: Criminal Record Monitoring can help mitigate risks like negligent retention, safety of employees and customers, as well as help protect your brand image 

Key Features

  • Monthly Search Service
  • Ongoing Risk Mitigation
  • Criminal Records validated at Primary Source

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