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Arrest Record Monitoring

Why Order Arrest Record Monitoring?

An effective screening program doesn’t stop when the applicant is hired. HireRight’s arrest record monitoring product helps you validate that those who satisfied your employment eligibility criteria at the time of hire, continue to do so. HireRight will report verified recent arrest activity for workers you choose to monitor, giving you information that could help you assess activity that does not align with your organization’s policies.

HireRight’s Arrest Record Monitoring solution screens your provided roster and has a variety of features including:

  • Near real-time arrest record data source
  • Data source that covers 85% of the U.S. population, and 2800+ city, county, state jails and departments

 New arrest record activity will be reported once verified by the primary source and you validate your roster to confirm that you have FCRA permissible purpose concerning those workers who are being monitored. All reportable information is included on the arrest record monitoring report.

HireRight Arrest Record Monitoring Benefits

For companies and organizations, especially those in regulated industries or serving vulnerable populations or customer facing roles. HireRight Arrest Record Monitory offers these key benefits:

  • Ongoing Search Service – Monitoring US County and State arrest booking data, covering over 85% of population
  • Arrest Records Validated at Primary Source – Before reporting, arrests are validated at primary source
  • Ongoing Risk Mitigation – Arrest Record Monitoring provides early awareness of potential challenges and activity to the workforce members you choose to monitor

Key Features

  • Ongoing arrest record monitoring of new arrest records
  • Active Risk Mitigation
  • Validated at the primary source 

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