Additional Services

Why order Additional Services?

Having a robust and thoughtful employment screening program is one way employers of all sizes can help attain a number of important and complementary organizational objectives. By implementing a program that better ensures everyone within your organization was subject to an appropriate background check, you can:

  • Improve the quality of your workforce
  • Mitigate unforeseen or unnecessary risks
  • Insulate your organization from negligent hiring and retention litigation
  • Better achieve legal and regulatory compliance
HireRight’s credit report and bankruptcy searches can be key in determining the risk of hiring a candidate, particularly if the candidate is being considered for a role with access to financial information, funds and assets.

Why choose Additional Services?

In addition to traditional background checks, HireRight offers additional services that can help maintain a compliant screening program and provide deeper insight to a candidate’s background.

How can we help with your background screening?

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