No Shortcuts: A Background Screening White Paper

No Shortcuts: A Background Screening White Paper

In this competitive hiring market, the road to making somebody a job offer can be a long journey. This explains why some hiring managers may be too eager to follow the shortest route on the map: if they’re quick to make an offer and bring the candidate on board, they’re more likely to land their choice of top talent.

But just as taking shortcuts on road trips can lead to dead ends and unmarked roads, cutting corners when background screening can often lead to delays in onboarding in the short-term, and potentially disastrous and costly issues further down the line.

Many organisations have tried to take shortcuts around their employment background screening and have found out that they were in fact detours.

They often learned the hard way that bringing the wrong person into their business can have serious consequences, including reputational damage, a loss of customer faith, and even falling stock prices in extreme cases.

And yet, companies may still insist on taking that wrong turn and try to fast-track the pre-employment background screening process.

In this white paper, we’ll navigate some of the challenges HR departments face when hiring new employees, take a pit-stop to look at some of the costs of making a bad hire, and drop you back home with 5 safety tips to help you to drive your company’s background check programme in the right direction.

Program the sat nav (load up Google Maps) and let’s go.

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