CRF Organisational Risk Discussion Paper (January 2019)

CRF Organisational Risk Discussion Paper (January 2019)

HireRight is pleased to contribute a commentary to complement this discussion paper regarding organisational risk, the way risk is perceived and how best to manage it.

We partner with businesses around the world to help reduce the risk of new hires by applying our background screening services, but there is a lot more to managing risk in HR.

Here are some of the key questions the report raises and addresses:

Business Risks - How aware are your HR leaders and their team of your company’s business risks? Different departments will have different risk concerns. Does your HR department work closely with the other teams in your business, such as legal, finance, marketing and IT, to ensure that you coordinate an appropriate business risk management strategy?

HR Risks - What are the key risks that your HR department faces and what are their underlying causes? Concerns about reputational damage, data security and leaks by internal staff could all be linked to the underlying risk of a bad hire, which can be mitigated by utilising pre-employment background screening.

Risk Culture - What is your company’s attitude to risk? Is it appropriate for the business that you’re in? Is it appropriate for the size of your business? Is it appropriate for the regulations that your industry has?

Risk Skill Sets - Does your company base its risk assessments on data? Do you think in terms of scenarios, considering different contexts and ways of looking at a situation?

However your company deals with risk, I am confident that this report will help you to develop your risk strategy for 2019 and beyond.

Steve Girdler, Managing Director of EMEA & APAC

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