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CRF 2020 Briefing Paper: Future Insight

CRF 2020 Briefing Paper: Future Insight

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Technology has revolutionised the way that businesses have acquired talent over the last 20 years. Corporate websites, online job boards, and social media are now amongst the most popular recruitment channels. These digital recruitment channels have made it easier for candidates to find and apply for vacant positions, as well as giving recruiters more places to advertise for new talent, but what will the future of recruitment technology have to offer?

HireRight is pleased to co-sponsor this CRF paper, which looks at how businesses can ingrain vigilance and foresight into their workforce, to help them respond to trends, threats and opportunities. These are also key components of any successful background screening programme. Vigilance is required to identify the risks of any given role, to assess the level of background screening needed. And foresight into your company’s future recruitment plans is essential to setting up a futureproof screening framework for your new and existing workforce.

We hope that you will find this paper a fascinating read and wish you and your business every success in 2020 and beyond.

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